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Why have a video or music license?

Legal penalties for unauthorized use of “home use only” videos in a church setting or for duplication or projection of copyrighted music are severe and fines expensive.

Are all videos & music covered under the license?

NO! No license covers all film producers or music publishers. CCLI covers over 2000 music publishers, CVLI covers 52 major film producers. Before showing a video or duplicating (or projecting) music be sure that the publisher/producer is covered in the license agreement listing. If not, the publisher/producer must be directly contacted for permission to exhibit or duplicate (or project). A listings of video producers the CVLI license covers is available online. Each congregation must obtain a CCLI and CVLI each year. The list of music publishers covered by the CCLI license is available online. You should receive annual confirmation of renewal directly from CCLI.

We thought the presbytery purchased a blanket license and would bill us for our portion. It the presbytery still offering this program?

The Pittsburgh Presbytery did offer this program from 2000-2012 through our Resource Center operations however was discontinued in 2013 for a number of reasons.  First, Pittsburgh Presbytery began working within the new mission plan of four branches instead of the Small, Medium and Large church model which necessitated a reduction in the presbytery staff.  One of the ministry areas affected by this reduction was the Resource Center. Additionally there has been a marked decrease in the need for having a Resource Center over the last few years, reinforcing the idea we no longer have a staffing need, therefore, there is no longer the administrative staff available to oversee the blanket licensing program. Lastly, the presbytery did not receive 100% of the reimbursements from our congregations for the cost of the blanket license program.  This meant the general budget of the Presbytery needed to make up the difference each year. 

Why these licensing companies and not others?

The CVLI is recommended in the denominational publication on copyright law Rightful Use.

CCLI was recommended in copyright workshops at national training events for Resource Center staff and at the National Association of Presbyterian Church Educators annual event.

Does the local church have to fill out the license application forms? Is there any paperwork or record keeping involved?

Yes. Each congregation will need to apply for their own license through CCLI and CVLI.

The music license does require record keeping by the local congregation. Full instructions will accompany the license agreement that will be sent to each congregation directly from CCLI. The church office is responsible to keep records of all copies made. A periodic report is due to CCLI when the reporting packet is sent to your church or you receive notice on-line to make reports through the CCLI website.