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Presbyterian Men (PM) in Pittsburgh Presbytery

Our Purpose

Presbyterian Men is the official men's organization of the Presbyterian Church (USA). This organization boasts a mailing list of over 9,000 members throughout the denomination with chapters on the local, regional and national levels. Presbyterian Men is a lay-led organization who meet annually at their National Gathering.  Presbyterian Men in the Synod of the Trinity meet in April and October in Bedford, PA.  Their primary focus is evangelizing men throughout the Synod.  For additional information, email the Rev. Henk Bosser.

Presybterian Men in Pittsburgh Presbytery Engage Local Congregations

Presbyterian Men in Pittsburgh Presbytery are engaging with local congregations in two areas: 1) organizing and using volunteers to assist congregations with their building missions and 2) encouraging more Presbyterian Men to use their acquired skills, experiences and professional development to the glory of God. This is a huge challenge in our current culture. Click here to view or download a copy of "Host/Client Church and Presbyterian Men/Volunteers in Mission (PM/VIM) Agreement." This Agreement is designed to expand on and clarify ways in which Presbyterian Men Mission Network/Volunteer In Mission (PMMN/VIM) can assist your church officers in their stewardship of vitally important building care needs. In order to clarify mutual expectations, we suggest the following:

  1. PMMN/VIM will recommend volunteers and resources such as lay organizations, consultants, and contractors. Any subsequent relationships between the church and these parties will be negotiated and approved by the church and those parties as stated in the "Service Provider and Contractor Agreement."
  2. PMMN/VIM will not, in the Church-Service Provider re­lationship, exercise oversight or any form of control over planning, project management, scheduling or financial support.
  3. The participating church will, prior to assignment of VIM Volunteers, be asked to provide proof of personal liability insurance.

PMMN/VIM welcomes this opportunity to be of service and invites any suggestions you may have to supplement the agreement as we partner in this important work on behalf of the Kingdom!

Presbyterian Men/Volunteers in Mission
You are invited to participate in a Presbytery-wide effort to assist other Presbyterian churches which are undergoing various phases of transformation and/or transition. Volunteers in Mission seek to match volunteer opportunities with your talents and abilities.  Click here to view or download a brochure.
Synod Lay Organizations
A number of lay organizations have expressed an interest in helping local congregations and have volunteered their expertise to The Presbyterian Men Volunteer Network. Click here to download the list.