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A Letter from the General Minister to Pittsburgh Presbytery

GA Insider 2
June 18, 2018

Sunday at General Assembly is a quiet yet important day of preparation for the work of the week ahead. It is not highly structured, granting that the work of the Spirit may differ in expression from one person or situation to the next.

On Sunday morning, Stated Clerk Carla Campbell and I were privileged to participate in a holy worship experience led by award-winning singer/songwriter/pianist Fernando Ortega. Sponsored by the Presbyterian Foundation as a benefit to mid council leaders, Ortega’s presentation was a balm to our souls amid the harried demands of General Assembly work.

Following morning worship at congregations of their choice across the region, commissioners convened in afternoon plenary session to hear reports from various task forces that were commissioned by the prior GA. These included the “Way Forward Commission” (which summarizes its work on its website), the “All-Agency Review Committee,” the “2020 Vision Team,” and the “Special Committee on Christian Education.” The clearest single take-away from these reports is that we must change how we fund and execute our work nationally and locally if we are to flourish in the future.

On Sunday evening, commissioners gathered for the first time with their committees, preparing for the work they are called to undertake in the days ahead. This involves exercises in community formation, theological grounding, and corporate prayer. We can do the Lord’s work authentically only to the extent that we are a praying, learning, and loving community of faith.

Over the coming two days, GA committees will consider various overtures and resolutions related to the church’s life and witness. These are all detailed on the PC-Biz website. I will be involved personally in conversations about our system of per capita assessments. Later this week the full Assembly will take up these matters for action. Pray for your colleagues at GA!

Yours in shared ministry,

The Rev. Dr. Sheldon W. Sorge, General Minister

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