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Presbytery Digest
A summary of actions and information from the meetings of Pittsburgh Presbytery

December 8, 2016
Hamilton Presbyterian Church

Opened with a service of worship with the Rev. Dr. Sheldon Sorge giving the sermon entitled, Renewing our Resolve.  During the service, Carolyn Leah was recognized as a Certified Christian Educator, and the Anti-Racism Transformational Team was commissioned. An offering of $1,600 was received for equal distribution to the Lazarus Fund and the Hunger Fund.  This amount will be matched by the Pittsburgh Presbytery Foundation.   

From the Executive Committee for information/action:

The Rev. Dr. Donald Ewing (Class of 2019A)
Ruling Elder David Green (Class of 2019B)
The Rev. Dr. Johnnie Monroe (Class of 2019A)
The Rev. Linda Ruby (Class of 2019A)
Ruling Elder David Green to serve as one of the co-chairs with the other yet to be named for 2017

From the Stated Clerk:

Amendment 16-A, Child & Youth Protection Policy
Amendment 16-B, Parity in Committees
Amendment 16-C, Ordered Ministry Titles
Amendment 16-D, Relationship of a Person Who Has Renounced Jurisdiction of the Church
Amendment 16-E, Certified Service Requirements
Amendment 16-F, The Ministry of Members

NOTE: Voting on the remaining proposed amendments (16-G, Access to the Lord’s Table and 16-H, Replacing the Current Directory for Worship) will take place at the May 4, 2017 stated meeting of Pittsburgh Presbytery.

April 8 & 22, May 6 & 20 (locations to be determined)
June 3 at the presbytery center

To Ordain Rebecca DePoe
To Install the Rev. Tyler Domske

From Commission on Preparation for Ministry:

From the General Minister including:

The Rev. Betty Angelini
The Rev. Dr. Johnnie Monroe
Ruling Elder Alan Petty
The Rev. Heather Schoenewolf
The Rev. Dr. Sheldon Sorge, Ex-Officio
The Rev. Ayana Teter
The Rev. Brian Wallace
Ruling Elder Lenore Williams

From the Commission on Ministry:

Announced the following:

Approved the Appointment of the following Moderators:  Approved the following Temporary Pastoral Contracts:  Approved the following Dismissals:  Approved the following Request to Close a Position: Granted Member-at-Large Status to the following:  Accepted the following Letters of Reception: Approved the Administrative Commission to Install:

From the Nominating Committee:  

The following were elected to the following Standing Commissions, Committees or Designation

Senior Vice Moderator:

Teaching Elder, Rev. Dr. Trent Hancock as the Senior Vice Moderator for 2017

 Executive Committee:

Ruling Elder, Fred Shields, Oakmont (2019B) – East
Ruling Elder, Linda Williams, Hiland (2019B) – North
Ruling Elder, Ann Strong, Sewickley (2019B) – West
Ruling Elder Clifford Huff, Glenshaw Valley (2019A) - North
Teaching Elder, Rev. Ron Peters, HR (2018A) – East
Teaching Elder, Rev. B. DeNeice Welch, Bidwell UP (2019B) – North
Teaching Elder, Rev. Walt Pietschmann, Bethesda, Elizabeth and Olivet (2019B) –South
Teaching Elder, Rev. Lance Chapman, Hamilton (2019B) - South

Commission on Ministry:

Ruling Elder, Ann Ritter, Elfinwild (2019B) – North
Ruling Elder, Susan Herrie, Wexford Community (2019A) – North
Ruling Elder, Earle Wooding, Pleasant Hills Community (2019A) – South
Ruling Elder, Brad Pietryga, Homestead (2017A) – South
Ruling Elder Glenn Mack, First UP Crafton Heights (2019B) – West
Ruling Elder, Ann Turnock, Beulah (2019A) – East
Ruling Elder, Renee Bair, Covenant Community (2019B) – West
Teaching Elder, Rev. Gary Willingham-McLain, Friendship (2019A) – East
Teaching Elder, Rev. Dr. Bob Maravalli, At-Large (2019A) – North
Teaching Elder, Rev. Larry Ruby, HR (2019A) – North
Teaching Elder, Rev. Tom Moore, Carnegie (2019A) – West
Teaching Elder, Rev. Sarah Robbins, (2019B) – West

Commission on Preparation for Ministry:

Ruling Elder, Kaye Wentling, Hillcrest (2019B) – East
Ruling Elder, Judith Jerry, Bidwell UP (2019B) – North
Ruling Elder, Dan Frayer-Griggs, Hot Metal Bridge (2019B) – South
Ruling Elder, Jim Morrisey, Sewickley (2019B) – West
Teaching Elder, Rev. Bethany Harbaugh, At-Large (2019A) – North
Teaching Elder, Rev. Phil Beck, First Tarentum (2019A) – North
Teaching Elder, Rev. Stephen Cramer, Crossroads, Gibsonia (2019A) – N
Teaching Elder, Rev. Tyler Domske, Wexford (2019B) – North
Teaching Elder, Rev. Dr. Bob Walkup, Baldwin (2019A) – South
Teaching Elder, Rev. Ben Libert, Sunset Hills (2019A) – South

Permanent Judicial Commission:

Ruling Elder, Ann Baker, Hampton (2019B) – North
Teaching Elder, Rev. Lee Nichols, Fox Chapel (2019A) – North
Teaching Elder, Rev. Dr. Janet Edwards, At-Large (2019A) – North


Ruling Elder, Chris Martin, East Liberty (2019B) – East
Teaching Elder, Rev. Karie Charlton, Third (2019B) – South
Teaching Elder, Rev. Lee Scott, Specialized Ministry (2019A) – East

Response Team:

Ruling Elder, Jane Fox, Sixth, (2018A) – West
Ruling Elder, Karen Timko, Southminster (2019B) – South
Teaching Elder, Rev. Dr. Carolyn Jones, HR (2019A) – North

Synod Commissioner:

2017 Branch Vice Moderators:

 From the New Church Development Commission:

From the Peacemaking Ministry Team:

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