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Presbytery Digest
A summary of actions and information from the meetings of Pittsburgh Presbytery

May 19, 2016 meeting of Pittsburgh Presbytery

Opened with a service of worship with the Rev. Dr. Sheldon Sorge, General Minister giving the sermon titled, Let God Be God! An offering of $1,443.00 was received for equal distribution to the Lazarus Fund and the Hunger Fund.  This amount will be matched by the Pittsburgh Presbyterian Foundation

Recommendations from the Executive Committee for information/action:

From the Commission on Preparation for Ministry:

Report from the General Minister including:

From the Commission on Ministry

Approved the Dissolution of Call for the following:

Approved the following Temporary Pastoral Contracts: Announced the Completion of following Temporary Pastoral Contracts: Approved the following Call: Approved the following Dismissals: Approved Request to Close the following Position: Granted Member-at-Large Status to the following: Appointed the following Moderators of Sessions: Granted the Status of Honorable Retirement for the following:

A service of prayer for these retirees was offered

From the Stated Clerk:

From the Special Nominating Committee:

From the Peacemaking Ministry Team:

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