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Presbytery Digest
A summary of actions and information from the meetings of Pittsburgh Presbytery

December 10, 2015 meeting of Pittsburgh Presbytery:

Opened with a service of worship:
General Minister Rev. Dr. Sheldon W. Sorge preached a sermon titled All the News that’s Fit to Tell. During the worship service, the Rev. Ayana Teter was installed as Associate Minister of Pittsburgh Presbytery, with an installation commission comprising Teaching Elders Jake Clawson, Judi Slater, and Aaron Teter, and Ruling Elders Marilyn Beckstrom, Robert “Deacon” Dressing and Lenore Williams.

An offering of $1,711.27 for equal distribution to the Lazarus Fund and the Hunger Fund.  This amount will be matched by the Pittsburgh Presbyterian Foundation. The total offering raised at the four meetings of the presbytery in 2015 was $7,324.44 which has been matched by the Pittsburgh Presbyterian Foundation for a grand total of $14,648.88, divided equally between the Lazarus Fund and the Hunger Fund. Thanks be to God!

Welcomed First Time Visitors & Seated Corresponding Members:

Welcomed Pastors with New Calls in the Presbytery:

Honored Recently Deceased Minister Members:

Received from the Executive Committee:

Report of the Election of New Members to the Ecclesiastical Committee:

Report of the approval of the Great Ends of the Church Fund grants:

Report of the election of the following persons to the Overture Concurrence Review Subcommittee:

Presbytery Elected the following to the indicated designation:

Special Nominating Committee to call a New Associate Pastor:

Senior Vice-Moderator for 2016: Standing Committees/Commissions:

Granted Waivers of Six-Year Limitation on Terms:

Granted Permission to Refinance/Encumber Loan:

Approved the 2016 Terms of Call for Called Presbytery Staff:

Presbytery Sustained the Oral Parts of Trial for Ordination:

Received a Report from the General Minister including:

Received a Report of the Completion of Temporary Pastoral Contracts:

Approved the following Call:

Approved the following Dismissals:

Approved Letters of Reception:

Granted Member-at-Large Status to the following:

Appointed the following Moderators of Sessions:

Approved the following Temporary Pastor Contracts:

Validated the following Ministry:

Granted the Status of Honorable Retirement to:

Renewed Commissions for Ruling Elders:


Approved the work of the following Administrative Commissions to ordain or install the designated individuals & dismiss the commissions with thanks:

Adopted a declaration on the refugee crisis in the world, and directed that it be sent to various elected officials and media outlets.

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