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A Letter from the General Minister to Pittsburgh Presbytery

In this week's pastoral letter, A Place at the Table, Part IV, the Rev. Dr. Sheldon W. Sorge considers the question: Why should the church bother to undertake the hard work of setting a table for people who are different?

Announcing Belhar Confession Study Series

In response to the spate of recent shootings of and by police around our beloved nation, and in light of our recent overture to General Assembly on addressing the plight of the African American male, the Rev. Dr. Johnnie Monroe and the Rev. Dr. Sheldon Sorge have invited members of our Black Presbyterian Caucus, our Amos 5:24 Ministry Team, our Transformation Team, and our Peacemaking Ministry Team to participate in a series of studies of the Belhar Confession, to equip us for public action on this national crisis. These sessions will take place every Thursday at the presbytery office from 6:30-8:00 PM beginning today, July 21, and continuing for at least the next few weeks. EVERYONE is warmly invited to attend these sessions. If you would like to attend, we invite you to download a copy of the Belhar Confession and Study Guide to help you prepare for these sessions.

We’ve Made a Connection!

Earlier this year, the Rev. Dr. Carl Templin and his wife, Pat (former PCUSA mission partners in Ethiopia, now honorably retired) submitted a request for the donation of theological books that will be gifted to the Don McClure Bible School in Ethiopia, which expects to upgrade to seminary level.  They are thankful for the 57 cartons (approximately 2,500 books) which were donated by the presbytery: churches, pastors and their families, seminary professors, and individuals.  They are now in the hands of the Theological Book Network in Grand Rapids, MI, where they will be shipped to Ethiopia. The Templins hope “God blesses your efforts to help these young churches in Ethiopia as they continue their astronomical growth and outreach.”

Brian is Now On Board!

Pittsburgh Presbytery is delighted to welcome Brian Wallace to our staff as an Associate Pastor. Read his bio page to learn more about his story, his faith, and his sense of call. Please drop by to welcome him and say hi!

Lazarus Fund Now Accepting Applications

The Lazarus Fund of Pittsburgh Presbytery is once again accepting applications for assistance with rent and utility payments. Applicants must live in Allegheny County and apply in person at one of the participating churches. To obtain a list of congregations, please call 412-697-7390 and leave a message. Many thanks to the churches and individuals whose recent gifts have allowed us to resume operations.

100 Things Every Child Should Know Before Confirmation: A Guide for Parents & Youth Leaders

100 Things Every Child Should Know before Confirmation is a great tool to teach children not only the what, but also the how about the Christian faith. The author gives spiritual lessons through Bible basics, Bible stories, and Christian traditions to enhance simple understanding about the Christian faith. For each new nugget of knowledge, the author divides the instruction into three parts: planting the seed, feeding the soil, and watching them grow. This provides a practical teaching approach for children of all ages and stages of faith development, while also allowing for a steady growth of knowledge and faith.

Moreover, 100 Things Every Child Should Know before Confirmation will empower children to recognize and confirm their faith as they move toward confirmation.

Coming Events & Retreats at Crestfield Camp & Conference Center

Continuing Education Opportunities & Events at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary:

NOTE: More information about Continuing Education (CE) is available online; all events offer CE Units.



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