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Can We Be the Church of Pentecost While Separated?

While being physically scattered, some among us have found new levels of connection. Being “together in one place” neither requires, nor is guaranteed by, physical proximity.  Is that also true of our connection with God?  Are we truly able to make sacred space for God in our homes?  In light of the upcoming celebration of Pentecost that will look so different from our past ones, the Rev. Dr. Sheldon W. Sorge answers these questions and more in this week’s meditation, God at Work Away from the Sanctuary.

Do You Know Someone Who Would Serve Well as Senior Vice-Moderator?

On behalf of the Committee on Nominations, we invite you, ministers and sessions of Pittsburgh Presbytery, to recommend candidates for Senior Vice-Moderator of Pittsburgh Presbytery to serve in 2021. The Senior Vice-Moderator will succeed to the office of Moderator in 2022. Please email recommendations or address them to the presbytery office, ATTN: Committee on Nominations, c/o Cathy Nelson. ALL recommendations must be received by the close of business on Monday, July 20.

The Rev. Charissa Howe talks about what it is like to be moderator in this YouTube video and the process for submitting a candidate is outlined in a letter from the Committee on Nominations.

COVID Connection & Transition Grants Now Available!

In an effort to respond faithfully to our current situation and the evolving needs of congregations, the Administrative Commission for Transformation (ACT) has created a new grant specifically to help churches stay connected and to transition their work to new formats. The COVID Connection & Transition (CCT) Grant will provide up to $1,200 to fund new connectional efforts (within congregations and to their broader communities) or to transition existing connectional efforts to digital and other socially distanced formats. Click here for more information and to view the grant application.

Affordable & Immediately Accessible Resources to Download!

As many of you are continuing to navigate digital ministry, these resources help you easily share resources with your congregation at an affordable price. Browse through all the downloads available at the PC(USA) Store to find what your church needs. The best part about these resources is that you only need to purchase once and you can share within your congregation as many times as needed!

Events & Retreats at Crestfield Camp & Conference Center

Events & Continuing Education Opportunities at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary: please check the Continuing Education webpage for details about future programs.



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