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Where is Your Church on the Road to Financial Health?

Do you have all the resources you need? Is there room for improvement in the areas of stewardship and generosity?

The Presbyterian Foundation has a FREE AND CONFIDENTIAL assessment tool that will help answer these questions. They will analyze your responses to a short series of questions along with previously published data from your congregation and a group of your peers. They will then provide you a detailed report noting both successes and areas for improvement with links to helpful resources to get you on your way.

This assessment is part of the 200+ year effort of the Presbyterian Foundation to help congregations raise the funds they need for the mission to which Christ calls them.

This assessment is designed to provide valuable insights and recommendations to help you maximize the attraction of God’s resources to further the mission of the church. They are honored to help you cultivate generosity within your congregation and among your individual members. Thank you for your commitment and your investment of time to doing the important work of Christ’s church.  Questions? Please contact the Rev. Ellie Johns-Kelley, Ministry Relations Officer, at 855-251-8212.