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New Worshipping Communities in Pittsburgh Presbytery

Current New Worshipping Communities:

All Saints Community of Faith & Works
Community 341
A new community worshipping at Brookline Boulevard United Presbyterian Church, Pittsburgh, PA
Hazelwood HOPE
Our mission is to connect people in the Greater Hazelwood community to God and help them to become fully developed disciples of Jesus Christ.
JUDAH Fellowship
Our mission is to glorify God and enjoy God’s spirit, power, majesty, and above all LOVE forever; and then in turn be conduits of that same power and love to ALL of God’s people as we seek to further the work of Jesus Christ.
Pittsburgh Vietnamese Presbyterian Fellowship
At PVPF we strive to provide a sanctuary for prayer and worship, within a respectful and welcoming environment, to meet the spiritual needs of our parishioners and community, using Christian ideas and values. We look forward for new members everyday and we hope to expand the size of our church so that we may be able to reach out to every Vietnamese person within distance of the church. We also welcome American followers to come and experience cross-cultural worship.

Sanctuary Faith Community
Our mission is to create a community rooted in the way and practices of Jesus for the flourishing of our neighbors and neighborhood.  We meet in and around the Lawrenceville neighborhoods of Pittsburgh, and we regularly practice the Eucharist by eating together, reflecting on Christian Scripture, sharing our stories, showing care for people and place, and equipping one another for healthy spirituality. Check out their Facebook page too!

The Commonwealth of Oakland
We are united by a vision of the coming commonwealth of God and are living into that story of redemption by sharing the abundance, beauty, justice, community, and gratitude made possible by Jesus. We invite folks from the universities, the four neighborhoods of Oakland, and the homeless community (and anyone, anywhere who is hungry) to a common table, a shared meal, and a hopeful future.

Newly Organized Worshipping Communities:

Hot Metal Bridge
We will be a bridge to Jesus Christ by participating in communion welcoming all into community listening and having compassion, growing in our faith, and sharing Christ's story with the surrounding neighborhoods, the community of South Side, and the world.
Mosaic Community Church
We are broken pieces of different shapes, sizes, and colors in the Master Artist’s  Hands becoming a Beautiful Work of Art. Our purpose is to love God, love each other, and serve our community in ways that are honest, real, redemptive, and transformational.
The Open Door
We are seeking to be a people who do not go to church but are being the church everyday. As a community we are seeking to engage the Creator God and our culture in ways that are meaningful and reverent.
The Upper Room
We are a church plant in the Squirrel Hill neighborhood of Pittsburgh, we believe that God has called us to be a cross-cultural, sacramental, and missional community.